unnamed 1.37

i’m scared to say it
but if i can’t say it here
then where?
did i ever love you?
did you love me?
i swear by each star in the sky
every night as the moon finds
her place in the sky
that i will never stop loving you
but how do i know how to identify love
i am as unfamiliar with love as i am
with quantum physics
so how could i know
if what i swear each evening
is true?
if you were to tell me
you love me as i claim to love you
would i be able to stomach it?
i haven’t heard the words escape your lips
in all the times we spent
inches apart
there was never a whisper
an accidental breath that said
the word love
until i hear the words
i will never know
i’ll just have to trust the feeling
just as i trust the moon
to rise in the inky sky

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