unnamed 1.46

I felt you escaping
Climbing out of my throat
As I heaved and spat
Eyes watering
Or was I crying?
This was the last part of you
Working its way back
Into the light
And I became hollow
Not feeling you beat
Against my rib cage
To remind me that you were there

Can I still exist among the
Empty spaces you left behind?

unnamed 1.43

i heard a woman arguing with a man as i walked past their apartment,
balcony door open as if inviting the strangers on the street into the quarrel,
leaving it up to us to take sides as we silently, privately craned to listen in,
the man shouting louder than she, his vocal wavelengths overpowering hers,
the leaves on the trees outside bristled, as if personally involved
the night scratched at my back as i clunked along
bearing the weight of the day on my already slumped shoulders.
i don’t need to listen to know, i’m taking her side

unnamed 1.38

he thought it was all a big joke
when all along she saw it clearly in her head
two strangers, never having met
form a bond that’s unexplained
what will happen when they meet

he saves lives for a living
but will he save hers?
she writes her feelings on a page
will she offer them to him?


-the Plebian and the Thespian