Hello humans!

Welcome to my blog! I have recently rebranded the blog and aim to post daily, all while challenging my perfectionism and anxiety that tends to haunt my creative process. Here you will see ME. My story, my journey- the trials and tribulations of Kelsey.

I will be blogging about many things, some of which may be my experience in San Diego, my life with chronic and mental illnesses (with the goal of ending the stigma!), my work in theatre, my eating disorder, my passion for American Sign Language and the Deaf community, and my love of the beach- particularly here in Southern California.

If you are interested in why I titled this blog “Putting Down the Rope” (and no, it is not related to any kind of suicide ideation) you can find the answer here.

These blog posts date back to my college days, so feel free to snoop around. Thanks so much for reading!


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