When Your ER Doctor IS Dr. McDreamy

First things first: I’m fine. I’m typing this at home, in my bed, with a stomach full of hospital Jello.

As much as I would love to write this post about how hot my ER doctor was (I swear, he was super attractive), I wanted to capture the hours I spent in the ER with some amazing friends.

I had to leave my ED program early today because my treatment team was concerned about some new symptoms I began experiencing. One minute I was getting ready for cooking class with my dietician, and the next I was checking in to the Emergency Room. I had called a friend who had already left program for the day, and she came to hang out with me in the waiting room. As I was waiting with her, my friends from program reached out to me, asking if I was okay and wondering where I had gone. When I mentioned the ER they all sprung to action, asking me if I needed anything, particularly some company. I ended up having multiple friends come hang out while I spent the evening with an IV in my arm and heat packs strapped to my body. Those who couldn’t come still improved my evening and were comforting just by being there via text.

Yes, I spent too many hours in the hospital today, but I actually had a great night hanging out with my friends. It means a lot when your friends move mountains for you, and I am eternally grateful that mine were willing to come hang out with me for so long. In a hospital, no less! (They didn’t even know about the cute doctor before they came!)

All of this reminded me that while treatment has been incredibly difficult, it has graced me with so many new friends that I would do anything for. And of course, a bomb-ass roommate who brought me a sweater when hospital blankets did not do the trick.

Now, please enjoy this photo of hospital socks on my hands- a past-time I enjoyed when I was approximately 4 years old.


One thought on “When Your ER Doctor IS Dr. McDreamy

  1. Q’Kharlos and Angelica April 12, 2018 / 9:52 am

    Oh my goodness! Glad to hear you are at home recovering; scared me when I heard from program friends that you had an ER trip. Sending you fast healing juju!


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