Where is Oz

Dorothy had it easy
She had a goal she was pursuing
and came to a fork in the road
where the Scarecrow to gave her two options
of which road to go down
Only two choices
That way is a very nice way
he pointed
It’s pleasant down that way, too
See, Dorothy
You have two options
And both are described as nice and pleasant
Plain and simple

I, like Dorothy
have an end goal I am trying to reach
A wizard waiting for me in the Emerald City
But instead of a scarecrow
pointing to two distinct choices
There lies a tangle of vines
All whipping in the wind
Each end pointing in a different direction
There is no friendly face
There is no pleasant choice
There are endless trails with no clear beginning
that I must forge myself
by cutting through the bramble
But which way to go?
How do I reach the
Great and Powerful Oz?

This is what I face
in my depressive mind
Every decision is coming to a fork
in the road
But the fork isn’t a fork
It’s a tangle of vines
And no matter which direction
I choose
Cutting through the thorns will hurt
and I can’t see through it to the
other side
Nothing is pleasant or nice
It’s scary and exhausting and
more often than not
not worth it as the
fog that fills my mind
twists my life into one long
puzzle that will never get solved

Count yourself lucky Dorothy
Life isn’t always in multicolor
With friendly scarecrows to
join you on your journey
to hold your hand and pull
you forward
in one direction or another
There are endless roads
Never-ending paths that
seem too daunting to start

So I just
stay where I am
sunken into the earth
too confused and tired to
pick myself up off the
Yellow Brick Road
and skip towards a
new direction
Instead I sleep like the
Tin Man waiting for someone
to free him from his



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